Taking the Mothership out

Quick update - after my previous rant I decided to man up! And who better to take out for a spin than my mothership? This is the first time Mum had been in Mabel so I was praying things would go well, and apart from stalling at the bottom of the drive way (classic Holly),... Continue Reading →

Motivation struggle

I have a confession...I'm struggling to find the motivation to take young Mabel out for a spin. The weather is glorious but do you know what, I'm nervous about breaking down, I feel bad for making my poor passenger hop out each time and push start me, and worried because I don't know whether she... Continue Reading →

Problem solving…

After replacing the fuel filter we realised Mabel still wasn't happy. There was also the issue with the starter ring missing most of its teeth so, we requested the help of our official support crew once more - John and Steve from the MTWC. Steve turned up with a new starter ring so the first... Continue Reading →

MTWC Barbeque…fail

Dad and I received a very kind invitation to the Morgan Three Wheeler Club (MTWC) barbeque one sunny Saturday afternoon. We’d arranged to meet up with our escort Terry and his wife in Ashbourne and drive the rest of the way in convoy. The first few miles were bliss, open country roads, the sun was shining... Continue Reading →

I’m an Engineer!

One sunny Tuesday evening after work I came home full of inspiration to sort out the starter motor issue, armed with some advice from John R over email. Using the toolkit that was provided with the car I undid the bracket holding the starter motor in place and moved it radially towards the starter ring... Continue Reading →

Mum’s Birthday Tea

Mabel became a beautiful garden ornament on Sunday 15th April as we celebrated Mum’s birthday with a family party at my parents house. I’m not sure Dad was as impressed as I was with the skid marks I left as I tried to get round the house and under the trees on the way into... Continue Reading →

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