Tinkering and family history

[Editors note: I had written in the previous post that this post would be from my Dad. It has indeed been written by Dad but he appears to have written it from my view point, and it made me laugh so much I’ve decided to leave it like that. So be under no illusion – Dad has done all the family history research – I can’t take any credit for that!]

Well the last few weeks of been a mixture of “tinkering,” researching my family history with a Morgan and a few gentle drives around the local villages.
First of all, the tinkering. It became apparent after fitting the new starter ring that there was a further issue with the starter motor itself. My “mechanics” (!) Steve and John again came to the rescue; Steve supplying the loan of a more suitable starter motor and John helping to fit it to Mabel. The “new” starter motor has a 10 tooth Bendix rather than the 9 tooth the replaced starter motor had and starting is now a much less frenzied affair and much quieter. Hopefully this will be the end of starting issues (famous last words!).

Family History


Patrick in full flight in OX 9713

I discovered that my Dad’s cousin Patrick had a Morgan 3-wheeler in the 1950s. It was a 1928 Super Aero. Patrick was able to supply a little bit of background information and a period photograph. Patrick recalls: “0X 9713 was first registered in Birmingham or Sutton Coldfield. I bought it off a chap called John Dalzell around 1956. I collected it, in Holly’s grandfather’s van, in a set of Tea Chests after parting with £10. I sold it around 1959 to a chap called Johnny Tye, a fairly successful local trials bike rider at the time. I raced it a couple of times at a Motor Cycle Club Meeting at Wellesbourne Mount. At the time I was a member of the Morgan 3 Wheeler club”

Steve Lister, Registrar of the MTWC, was able to add quite a bit to the subsequent history of OX9713 up until around the early 80’s when it was sold by Verralls, the motorcycle dealer. The photograph shows the car around this time when it was owned by the Gough family, the photograph was taken by Dennis Rushton.

I would love to know if the car still exists!


And finally, after a bit of carburettor fiddling, Mabel has enjoyed a few local jaunts with no specific destinations, just the pleasure of the journeys.

Dad xx (…Holly may have added this bit…. 😀 )

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