Problem solving…

After replacing the fuel filter we realised Mabel still wasn’t happy. There was also the issue with the starter ring missing most of its teeth so, we requested the help of our official support crew once more – John and Steve from the MTWC.

Steve turned up with a new starter ring so the first thing to do was to start the process of removing the engine. Under Steve and John’s tutelage we removed many bolts, gaskets and jubilee clips until we were at the point of being able to slide the engine forward and off the car. At this point we spun her round and actually put it back onto the bolts whilst we attached the new starter ring.

Once that was done we did the reverse to put the engine back on the right way round. The next job was to drain the old oil and replace that with fresh stuff, followed up by trying to realign the starter motor as it still wasn’t meshing properly with the starter ring.  We did resort to angle grinding the back of the Bendix slightly to try and stop it milling the front plate, our current health-and-safety-mad-culture would not have approved but it made for a good photo.

The next steps were simple: reconnect everything and go for a celebratory spin!

…………which resulted in us pushing Mabel back home after she cut out about half a mile away…..seems not all of the problems are solved so back to the garage for more investigation…

Although this is frustrating it is a very quick way of learning how to do your own car maintenance and I’m very grateful to John and Steve for their time and expertise.

Back to the drawing board for now….


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