MTWC Barbeque…fail

Dad and I received a very kind invitation to the Morgan Three Wheeler Club (MTWC) barbeque one sunny Saturday afternoon. We’d arranged to meet up with our escort Terry and his wife in Ashbourne and drive the rest of the way in convoy.

The first few miles were bliss, open country roads, the sun was shining and we were playing chase with Terry as he zoomed down the hedge lined lanes. Unfortunately the game came to an abrupt stop when Mabel decided to cut out on a 1:10 incline. There wasn’t anything obviously wrong so Dad hopped out and push started me in reverse, miraculously staying on his feet in the process! This happened a few more times so Terry guided us through some side-of-the-road investigations which seemed to suggest we were having fuel supply issues. We decided to call it a day and turned around to drive the 20 miles home. At 2 miles from home we broke down for the eighth time and sat on the side of an A road in silence, morale at an all-time low. Help came in the form of Geoff Farmer, a Morgan enthusiast who spotted us sitting there and gallantly towed us home to a rather large glass of wine!

Subsequently we identified, using a £20 endoscope from Amazon, some paint flakes inside the fuel tank and the fuel filter. It would seem that someone has painted the inside of the fuel cap at some point in time and this was now flaking off. After mentioning this to my unofficial support crew they all suggested removing the fuel filter on a gravity fed fuel system such as the one on Mabel. My in-house mechanic carried this work out whilst I was at work (thanks Dad!) and even robbed one of his own fuel taps from a classic bike to replace the one on Mabel. Was this going to fix our problems? I’ll give you a spoiler – of course not! Details to follow in the next post…..

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