Picking up Mabel

Following the expertly organised hand over event at Gaydon British Motor Museum, which included some practice driving on private roads, Mabel was very kindly trailered to Curborough Sprint Track to meet the rest of the Morgan Three Wheeler club. The club were welcoming, friendly and intrigued to know more about our year ahead. After a quick meet and greet I set off for the 20 mile drive home with my father as my passenger. You’ll be pleased to know we did make it home! The driving experience is unlike anything I’ve done before and I have to say it’s made my Fiesta ST look tame. There is nothing better than bombing through the English countryside with the wind in your hair, waving to passers by. Although I have to learn not to wave with my right hand as we slow down quite quickly when I drop the hand throttle! My first day with Mabel was a roaring success and I can’t wait for more adventures with her.

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