Mum’s Birthday Tea

Mabel became a beautiful garden ornament on Sunday 15th April as we celebrated Mum’s birthday with a family party at my parents house. I’m not sure Dad was as impressed as I was with the skid marks I left as I tried to get round the house and under the trees on the way into the garden! The party went well however I had to slightly change my plans when I couldn’t then restart the car to get back home . After some investigation we realised the starter motor switch had tripped so I left Mabel safe in Mum and Dad’s garage where Dad and Iain managed to identify and fix the problem (fuelled by multiple cups of tea according to the photos I was sent) whilst I was at work the next day. They found we were missing a bolt on the starter motor bracket which meant it had moved out of alignment with the starter ring. Once the bolt was replaced and the starter motor realigned we were back in business – proved by Dad going for a quick spin down the drive and back! Seems that my parents cats also quite enjoyed meeting Mabel…

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