I’m an Engineer!

One sunny Tuesday evening after work I came home full of inspiration to sort out the starter motor issue, armed with some advice from John R over email. Using the toolkit that was provided with the car I undid the bracket holding the starter motor in place and moved it radially towards the starter ring until I was happy that I’d removed as much backlash as possible between the gear teeth. Low and behold – she started!! I’ve never been so proud of myself and did a solo celebratory dance on my driveway. Buoyed up by my success I headed off round the village for a quick victory lap before heading into make dinner. Unfortunately I managed to stall and without my toolkit to realign the starter motor could not get started again by myself. Luckily some lovely people who were out walking had already heard me driving round and came to see what the noise was. Little did they know they’d be roped into push starting me so I could get home! Note to self – do not go out without your toolkit, no matter how short the journey is. I also managed to burn my nose on the exhaust whilst checking on the bendix position – I’m sure I’ll do this multiple times over the next few months. Back in the garage I tried to realign the bendix but it was becoming clear that each time she started, the force of the starting action was pushing the starter motor away from the ring again. Whether this is due to the bolts not being tight enough, or something more complicated I do not know but the day was drawing to an end so I put Mabel to bed and went off to ‘cook’ beans on cheese on toast for my poor hungry husband…or cheese on beans on toast if you are that way inclined – it is an ongoing debate in my household.


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