Classic car meet at Coopers Arms

The next outing I wanted to aim for was the Classic Car meet at the Coopers Arms in Weston on Trent. As I now can’t start Mabel on my own I had to persuade my poor husband to leave work early to come and push start me! Success though, we jumped in and were off down the country roads. The turnout at Coopers was incredible, so many beautiful cars and bikes. I managed to make a spectacularly quiet entrance due to stalling just before the car park so Scott had to push me into the event….nothing like making a name for yourself! Mabel was extremely popular and I think people were surprised I was the driver and not Scott, particularly the gentleman who asked if I was collecting glasses when he saw me walking around the cars…luckily for him I get this quite a lot being a female Chartered Engineer and I’ve learnt to hold my tongue. Overall a lovely evening and we were some of the last to leave…..mainly so we could push start in private! The drive home in the setting sun was sublime and I have to say – this girl is sold on classic motoring! Highlight of the evening? I didn’t burn my nose.


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