Mabel’s Photoshoot

Saturday 25th May, 7.7 miles, first trip down a dual-carriageway . We spent an interesting morning in Derby with the brilliant John Colley at his photography studio in Derby. John Colley specialises in automotive studio photography. We contacted John to get Mabel captured. We spent a few hours with John who told us stories and... Continue Reading →

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

It was great to roll away the stone in front of the garage this bank holiday weekend as we enjoyed two drives out in Mabel. First trip out on on Saturday was a familiarisation drive. Simply a reminder on how to get Mabel going. Not your modern car with simply twist the key and go.... Continue Reading →

New Arrival!

We are so pleased to announce the safe arrival of our first son. This is the main reason for the radio silence over the past few months. Now he is here though we are back to planning adventures for 2019 so stay tuned! Love, The Davies xx

New Year, New Adventure

Today was my first drive of Mabel. I have sat as a passenger on many outings with Holly and she very kindly added me to the insurance. I had asked James a few weeks ago whether he would give me a lesson, and we had scheduled today. The weather was mild with light drizzle but... Continue Reading →

Tinkering and family history

[Editors note: I had written in the previous post that this post would be from my Dad. It has indeed been written by Dad but he appears to have written it from my view point, and it made me laugh so much I've decided to leave it like that. So be under no illusion -... Continue Reading →

I’m back!!

Sorry for the radio silence, its been all go in DaviesVille recently with a job change, some travel and some exciting family news which we'll share in due course. However, fear not, Mabel is still getting some TLC so I'll start updating this more often as we head into the Autumn months. The next post... Continue Reading →

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